Divorce Mediation

The Saito & Madan Experience

At Saito & Madan, the divorcing couple, with the aid of a mediator, controls the dissolution process from start to finish. The divorcing couple, not attorneys or judges, determine the parameters and subject matter for the negotiations. The mediation process concludes when both parties are equally satisfied with the division of assets and parenting responsibilities.

Each party is granted equal time and consideration, while presenting their respective positions. A mediator, then, assists the divorcing couple in resolving any points of contention and come to a mutually satisfactory dissolution agreement. The mediator maintains neutrality throughout the mediation process. Neither party is permitted to gain an advantage over the other during the negotiations.

The more complicated a divorce, the better suited it is for mediation. At Saito & Madan, mediated divorces are typically resolved within a few sessions, regardless of the complexity. In a litigated divorce, complicated issues mean additional legal fees and costs. A mediated divorce can be several months faster and 60% to 90% less costly than a litigated divorce.

Most importantly, a mediated divorce with Saito & Madan will fully comply with the laws of California and result in a Certificate of Divorce, just as with a litigated divorce.

Saito & Madan Mediation is the Solution for your Divorce Settlement.