The Saito & Madan Mediation Group is not a law firm. Saito & Madan recognize that lawsuits and trials resolve very little for the disputants while leaving important issues unaddressed. Attorneys reduce their cases to one or two issues that have the greatest potential payoff and dismiss other issues that, actually, might be more important to their clients. In many of these cases, neither party in the lawsuit is satisfied with the outcome.

The Saito & Madan Mediation Group provides a safe and respectful forum in which disputing parties prioritize their own issues and consider resolutions that are satisfactory for all interests. Saito & Madan understand that disputes are best resolved when the parties work out their differences through meaningful discussions. Saito & Madan mediators, accordingly, are trained to assist disputing parties through fair negotiations and reach agreeable solutions for all concerned.

This alternative process to traditional lawsuits and trials is recognized in the legal field as mediation. Saito & Madan specializes in mediating family resolutions and agreements. Successful resolutions result in legal agreements that can be enforceable in a court of law, if ever necessary. Saito & Madan will assist your family in resolving any legal issues, on the family’s own terms, and to the family’s satisfaction. The Saito & Madan Mediation Group is a mediation firm and the solution for your family’s legal requirements.